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"Quotes from students"

I am a 61 yr. old engineer & vet who works all around the world and the middle east traveling by myself.
Being an American I have a target automatically painted on me, so I have to practice awareness and self defense continually.
I subscribed to your training and I not only think it is the very best method I have learned, but I had to recently use it. It works.
It worked on a man of 45 who was hopped up on some drugs and invaded my space right outside my home. Immediately I put into action the method you imprinted on me, and it worked to maximum effect.
Afterwards, the local sheriffs and a state trooper were impressed that I took this fool down without leaving a mark on him.
The only permanent effect I left was that he would never attack this old man.
Your techniques taught me to remain in control of myself so that I could focus on what I needed to do.
Al, you are absolutely correct and a lot of good people need to learn your techniques. Your teaching was very effective. So I am a firm believer in you.
With your excellent training syllabus, people can not only protect themselves, they can do it effectively, quickly and get out of the situation without being a victim.
Thank you,
Rod Duesing


"Al, the reason I have contacted you numerous times is because I am very interested in your system.

I read the book HIKUTA by D.O.K. Lee several years ago and practiced the very simple but efficient drills in the manual.

I never thought much about using the techniques in the system and coming from other martial arts systems, I thought if the need to defend myself came to pass, I would use the arts I studied the longest.

One day during a super bowl weekend a marine corp. friend of mine became severely intoxicated and wanted to fight me. After avoiding the issue several times, my friend took a swing at me and "BAM", next thing he knew, he was picking himself off of the floor.

I had thrown the Hikuta "soft" fist and literally knocked him off of his feet.

I trained for years in other more complicated systems and when it came down to it, I used a simple technique that I practiced on a whim because it was so easy.

The art of Hikuta helped me control the situation completely and Chris and I are still friends. This is why I am so interested in your videos.

Thank you for your time."

Bill McMahan
Houston, Texas


Hi Al,
First of all a very big thank you from all of us from Down Under to you for coming all the way down here to share your amazing  self defense skills. Clearly Hikuta is a superior system. It is quite easy to learn and with a bit of practice one can gain lot more confidence in violent encounters. I think the course was very well structured as it introduced a concept which then became foundation for the next one.  Hikuta is not  based on learning hundreds of techniques it is very free form. If only people took away the startle reflex drill with any type of strike and keep practicing it, that may very well be enough to prevent one getting seriously injured or even worse. I  have not come across another system that would be so quick to pick up. Those who already know little bit of any style can simply incorporate Hikuta concepts and gain very credible speed and power.

George Hynec 

MA Training, 

Sydney, Australia


The "Extreme Combat" DVD got me hooked. I have a lot of videos from fight systems called, "Devastating", "Brutal", "Unknown", etc. The hikuta system is all these things.
These other systems all have these nice moves to take weapons away or to throw and manipulate people. But the problem with them is that they all take time. You cannot do sweeps and joint manipulations in an attack because some buddy ( not yours but his) is going to be on you quick.
You need something that is devastating and quick so you can deal with more than one person.
I have videos on gun and knife disarms that are beautiful to watch because of the joint manipulations and the throws but in real life I think they would be almost useless. Besides, if Goliath grabs hold of you or has a knife at you, you are NOT going to bend his wrists. Ain' t going to happen. He has no respect for you and he ain' t going to let you throw him.
Finally, I can quit spending money on all those other tapes... Lastly, having a system that has many different moves builds confusion in times of trouble.
Your system, with its few moves: fist, kick, arm bars makes for a simpler system to learn and most importantly, USE. The seminar DVD's are terrific.


Stephen B.,

Warner Robins, Georgia


The training was Excellent!

I like the idea of being able to walk without fear. I will never forget what I've learned.

Al kept every situation realistic and let us (the students) develop off the basic moves, to develop 'something that works for you."

Thank you very much!

William Clay
Lancaster, California


Dear Al,
I want to thank you sincerely for a great weekend. The Kuta seminar
was fantastic! I learnt so much I think my head is still spinning.
Honestly, if I condensed all of my martial arts training (5-6 years
total) down into one weekends worth, it would be embarrassed beside
the content of the two day course that you shared with us. The
confidence that I gained over that short period has still not left
me and I have even noticed that I am dealing more confidently with
my work and the people I have to interact with.
When it comes to the content of the seminar, I can simply and
honestly say - it was all I expected yet more than I could have
hoped for. the hands on aspects of the seminar, along with the correction of minor flaws in my technique made for a very enlightening experience.
I personally believe that one of the most important aspects of the
seminar was the way that you delivered the instruction. So many
Martial instructors I have met are very standoffish and haughty,
thus they are difficult to communicate with and to understand. Many
also are extremely egotistical and it is difficult to believe what
is truth and what is just bluster and bull****. I was very
impressed with your humble yet strong character, your willingness 
to help even the least experienced of the group to understand the
concepts and the obvious fact that you enjoyed showing people your
I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I await eagerly
any more Hikuta materials (books, DVD's etc) and seminars that you
will give in my little area of the world.

Brett Hosking

Brisbane, Australia


"Having moved out of London I found myself unable to continue Thai Boxing and Karate lessons. I embarked on my own exercises and continued with my practice as much as possible, building an exercise area in my new garden. This was fine up to a point but I missed my lessons and the guidance of the sensei. Quite by chance I saw Al Abidin's Hikuta ad on a martial arts web-site and sent off for the DVD course.
I was impressed not only with the methods but the teacher support that Al provides. I am in England but it does not seem as if Al is thousands of miles away in USA. I had a recent run-in with 3 youths in a shop and Hikuta certainly helped me handle the situation with calm confidence. The 3 youths decided not to attack and I am certain that the confidence I projected came from knowing I had the new Hikuta strategies at my disposal. Al is very encouraging and 'enrolling' into his Hikuta program is the next best thing to receiving direct tuition in the Dojo. I recommend it for anyone who takes protecting themselves seriously."

Grahame Innes,

Gillingham, Kent, UK


Hi Al,
I'm still speechless over these Simple to learn techniques that have devastating consequences!...
When a 5'2", slim, petite framed woman, whose facing me directly, at arms distance & in a casual non-threatening stance can deliver just "ONE, split second"... hand strike... which was "to the chest of my 6'2, 97kg frame".......causing me to take a few steps backwards ...despite my wearing multi-layer protective chest padding....says it all! 
This "personal experience" has left me absolutely stunned & one i'll never forget!...

Glen G. Shepley 

Sydney Australia


"As a former bouncer and currently a law enforcement officer as well as a 
self defence instructor, I was immediately impressed by the speed and power 
of the kuta hand and front kick. I have incorporated them in my system of TJD 
Kempo, I would recommend Hikuta as taught by Al Abidin and Cutting Edge Combat to anyone looking for the Edge in Self Defence."

Paul Corrigan

United Kingdom

Founder TJD Kempo

3rd Degree Black Belt World Dragon Kenpo


I went to a local aikibudo dojo where I go to "roll around the mat" with a few friends from time to time.
I no longer practice aikibudo regularly so, this was more in the nature of a social event for me as I still have quite a few aikibudo friends. 

There was one new student there who was a legend in his own mind to put it mildly. This man went for the kill every time and seemed to take sadistic pleasure in injuring classmates. He appeared to live for the moments when he was standing over an opponent who was rolling around on the floor in agony. I freely admit that I was watching him warily trying to avoid his line of vision and hoping against hope that I wouldn't be paired up with him.
However, perhaps inevitably, I found myself staring straight at his chest in the lineup. Having seen what he had done to a few of my pals, I decided there and then that I was walking out of the dojo in one piece. I don't mind being called a coward as long as I survive. So, when the sensei called for us to begin, the "legend" swaggered over to me stared straight into my eyes and said, "You're going to regret coming here tonight." 

He then leaned in to push me backwards and he startled me. I panicked. I freely admit it. My face flushed. My heart began hammering. My hands were clammy. I was not aware of any intent or conscious thought on my part. 
My hand which had somehow formed the Hikuta Hand was now where his chest used to be and the "legend" was on his back at my feet holding his torso and groaning loudly.

Raymond Brennan

Newbury, Berks UK


Loved the training! Improvement of knowledge was great. Found my power increasing.
Watched in awe as rank beginner with no experience developed startling power.

Perry Blouin 
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hikuta truly frees the mind of all fears and allows you to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

The art is simple and powerful with immediate results.

The instruction focuses on real life scenarios and conducted with the utmost of professionalism.

Learning this art will put you in a category with few people, which adds to its advantages as an extreme self-defense art.

Ray Zavatsky

Bowling Green, OH


Once i realized it would be possible to learn this stuff fast, I wanted to learn it from the best, as close to the source as possible... and that means learning from Al!

Chris Cooper,



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